Duke of Schomberg

Duke of Schomberg in the Peerage of England was created in 1689. The title derives from the surname of its holder (originally Schönberg).

The Duke of Schomberg was part of King William of Orange’s army and camped in the Holywood hills area of Craigantlet in Northern Ireland. The area is now a farm and the house that King William himself stayed in is now formally known as “Schomberg Cottage”.

Dukes of Schomberg (1689)

Other titles: Marquess of Harwich, Earl of Brentford and Baron Teyes (1689)[1]
Other titles (3rd Duke): Duke of Leinster, Earl of Bangor and Baron of Tara (En 1690)[1]


Coat of arms of Duke of Schomberg
Coronet of a Duke
1st: An Arm in armour embowed holding in the hand all proper, a Battle-axe Argent; 2nd: Out of a Ducal Coronet and between two Elephant’s Trunks Or, a Talbot sejant affrontée Sable; 3rd: Out of a Ducal Coronet Or, three Peacock Feathers proper.
Quarterly: 1st & 4th, Argent, on an Inescutcheon Sable, an Escarbuncle of eight rays Or; 2nd & 3rd, Gules, six Escutcheons Argent, three, two and one; over all an Escutcheon of Pretence, Gules, a Cavalier in armour proper, mounted on a Horse in full course Argent, holding in his right hand a Battle-axe Argent.
On either side a Lion segreant proper.


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