Dumitru Moțpan

Dumitru Moțpan
3rd President of the Moldovan Parliament
In office
5 March 1997 – 23 April 1998
PresidentPetru Lucinschi
Prime MinisterIon Ciubuc
Preceded byPetru Lucinschi
Succeeded byDumitru Diacov
Deputy Speaker of the Moldovan Parliament
In office
1994 – 5 March 1997
PresidentMircea Snegur
Petru Lucinschi
Prime MinisterAndrei Sangheli
Ion Ciubuc
Personal details
Born(1940-05-03)3 May 1940
Seliște, Moldovan SSR, Soviet Union
Died23 June 2018(2018-06-23) (aged 78)
Chișinău, Moldova

Dumitru Moțpan (May 3, 1940 – June 23, 2018) was a Moldovan politician, who served as the President of the Moldovan Parliament.[1] He died on June 23, 2018.[2]


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