El Taref

El Taref

Location of El Taref in the El Taref Province
Location of El Taref in the El Taref Province
El Taref is located in Algeria
El Taref
El Taref
Location of El Taref in the Algeria
Coordinates: 36°46′01″N 8°19′01″E / 36.767°N 8.317°E / 36.767; 8.317Coordinates: 36°46′01″N 8°19′01″E / 36.767°N 8.317°E / 36.767; 8.317
Country Algeria
ProvinceEl Taref Province
DistrictEl Taref District
 • TypeMunicipality
 • Land43.0 sq mi (111.4 km2)
 • Total25,594
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
ISO 3166 codeCP

El Taref (Arabic: الطارف‎, French: formerly Le Tarf) is a city in Algeria. It is the capital of El Taref Province. El Kala is a port town near El Taref. El Taref is 700 kilometers east of Algiers. In 1998, it had a population of around 20,300.

General Electric and Iberdrola are building a power station in El Taref, beginning in mid-2008, a project which will increase Algeria's energy capacity by 18%.[1]

A network which specialized in forgery, stolen identity, and theft, across the eastern provinces of Algeria, was broken in El Taref, in June 2008. Investigators took three people into custody and four others were searched by security services.[2]


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  2. ^ Networks specialized in documents falsification broken up in El Taref, El Khabar, June 17, 2008, internet posting.

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