Elewijt Castle

Elewijt Castle
Peter Paul Rubens - Tournament in front of Castle Steen - WGA20410.jpg
Tournament in front of Castle Steen by Peter Paul Rubens
Rubenskasteel Elewijt.JPG
The castle in 2012

Elewijt Castle, also known as "Castle of Het Steen" or "Rubenskasteel", is a castle in Elewijt, Belgium, which was owned by Peter Paul Rubens from 1635 to his death in 1640, and features in some of his paintings. Elewijt Castle is situated at an altitude of 11 meters.

Nowadays, the castle is privately owned, not open for visits but rented for events.[1]


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Coordinates: 50°57′33.63″N 4°28′38.76″E / 50.9593417°N 4.4774333°E / 50.9593417; 4.4774333

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