Estonian United Left Party

Estonian United Left Party

Eestimaa Ühendatud Vasakpartei
LeaderJulia Lindvall
Founded28 June 2008 (2008-06-28)
Preceded byEstonian Left Party
Constitution Party
HeadquartersKeemikute tn 26–2, Maardu
Membership (2021)Decrease 1,696[1]
IdeologyDemocratic socialism[2]
Russian minority politics[2]
Political positionLeft-wing
European affiliationParty of the European Left
Colours Red
0 / 101
European Parliament (Estonian seats)
0 / 7
Official website (archived 26 May 2019)

The Estonian United Left Party (Estonian: Eestimaa Ühendatud Vasakpartei, Russian: Объединённая левая партия Эстонии, Ob'edinënnaja levaja partija Estonii) is a political party in Estonia. It has socialist characteristics, and also seeks to represent the Russian minority in Estonia (approximately 24%). It is a member of the Party of the European Left.


On 28 June 2008, the Estonian Left Party (a party comprising most of the remnants of the post-1990 Communist Party of Estonia) and the Constitution Party (one of two parties representing the Russian minority in Estonia) merged to form the Estonian United Left Party (Eestimaa Ühendatud Vasakpartei).[3]


The fundamental value of the Estonian United Left Party is supporting economic equality. The party claims it prioritises the weakest members of the society.[2] The party is against presence of NATO forces in Estonia.

Election results

Parliamentary elections

Election Votes Seats Pos. Government
# % ± pp # ±
2015 764 0.1 new
0 / 101
Steady 0 10th Extra-parliamentary
2019 510 0.1 Steady 0.0
0 / 101
Steady 0 10th Extra-parliamentary

European Parliament elections

Election Votes Seats Pos.
# % ± pp # ±
2009 0.1
0 / 6
Steady 0
2014 226 0.9 Increase 0.8
0 / 6
Steady 0 9th


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