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German Bolivians
Total population
Spanish, German, and Plautdietsch. Yiddish is spoken by German-Jewish communities.
Christianity (Protestantism, Lutheranism, Reformed, Mennonite, Amish, Roman Catholicism) and Judaism.
Related ethnic groups
Austrian Americans
German Mexican
German Brazilians
German Argentines
German diaspora

German Bolivians are Bolivians of full, partial, or predominantly German descent, or German-born people residing in Bolivia.

Waves of immigration

German immigrants began to arrive in Bolivia in the 18th century, and many more arrived in the 19th century.[2] During World War II, Bolivia ceased diplomatic relations with Germany and expelled many Germans.[2] Many German Jews immigrated to Bolivia during the war.[3] Inti SA, Bolivia's largest pharmaceutical company, was founded by German immigrant Ernesto W. N. Schilling Huhn.[4]

A substantial and growing part of the German population in Bolivia are Mennonites from Russia, who are of German descent, language and culture. These Mennonites started to immigrate in the 1950s, with large waves of immigrants in the 1960s and 1970s, mainly from Mexico and Paraguay. In 2012 there were 23,818 church members in congregations of these Mennonites, indicating a total population of about 70,000.[5] The total population of German Mennonites in Bolivia was estimated at 60,000 by Lisa Wiltse in 2010.[6] See also: Mennonites in Bolivia.


German schools:

Historic German schools:[7]

Notable German Bolivians

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