Evergreen Valley College

Evergreen Valley College
EVC long stacked 2018.png
TypeCommunity college
ChancellorByron Breland
PresidentKeith Aytch
Location, ,
Campus175 acres (71 ha)
AffiliationsSan Jose City College

Evergreen Valley College is a community college in San José, California. Evergreen Valley College graduated its first class in 1975. Plans for a new college officially started nine years earlier in 1964, with the creation of the San José/Evergreen Community College District to govern the existing San José City College and what would become Evergreen Valley College. The 175 acres (71 ha) site was purchased in 1967, the college named Evergreen Valley College in 1970, and the first two buildings completed in 1975.


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Coordinates: 37°18′4″N 121°45′47″W / 37.30111°N 121.76306°W / 37.30111; -121.76306

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