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Extreme points of Russia

This is a list of the extreme points and extreme elevations in Russia.

The northernmost and easternmost points of Russia coincide with those of Eurasia (both for the mainland and including the islands).

The extreme points of the Soviet Union were identical, except that the southernmost point of the Soviet Union was Kushka in Turkmenistan, and the extreme elevation was the Communism Peak in Tajikistan, at 7,495 metres (24,590 ft). The other extreme points of Russia are the same as those of the Soviet Union.

Extreme coordinates

Including islands and exclaves

Cape Fligely
Cape Fligely

Contiguous mainland only

Towns and cities

The town of Pevek

Permanent settlements

1according to the path of the International Date Line, although being located in the Western Hemisphere.

Elevation extremes

Mount Elbrus

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