FanRocket is a Los Angeles-based creator of online content programming and technologies.[1]

The company was founded by Danny Kastner, a contestant on season 3 of The Apprentice.[2] In an interview, Kastner stated that the company "combin[es] online social networking and user-generated content with film and television to create cutting edge interactive social media environments."[3]

FanRocket provided the platform technology for both NBC's online contest Star Tomorrow in 2006 [4] and the CBS online talent search Big Shot Live in 2008.[5]

Also in 2008, the company partnered with Paramount Studios to create VooZoo, a Facebook application that allows users to send and post on their profiles movie clips from the Paramount library.[6][7]

Most recently, FanRocket has co-produced Faces of Beautiful You, an online web series for HSN.[8][9]


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