Florens van der Spek

Florens van der Spek is a Dutch politician from the party Jesus Lives.[1] His father in law, Joop van Ooijen, is the founder of the party.[2]

Van der Spek lives on the farm of his father in law.[3] During his youth he was addicted to cocaine and an alcoholic,[4] now his party campaigns to outlaw all drugs.[5] When talking about what he would do if he became minister-president he described himself as an unfit candidate his strict interpretation the bible wouldn’t allow him to make the necessary concessions.[2] He was also a candidate for the European Election.[5] He also works at a gardening company called “Scheppingsonderhoud”.[6]

When his party won zero seats in the election he remarked that that meant he didn’t have to make a compromise with other politicians so and that that was the only true victory.[2][relevant? ]


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