Fort Witsen

Fort Witsen
Part of Dutch Gold Coast
Fort Witsen.jpg
Fort Witsen around 1668
Fort Witsen is located in Ghana
Fort Witsen
Fort Witsen
Coordinates4°55′00″N 1°45′00″W / 4.916688°N 1.749916°W / 4.916688; -1.749916
Site history
Built1665 (1665)
Garrison information
OccupantsNetherlands (1665-1872)

Fort Witsen, also Fort Tacaray, was a fort on the Dutch Gold Coast, established in 1665 near Takoradi. This fort was destroyed after a few years, and in 1684 the site was abandoned. A map from 1791 shows, however, that the Dutch had renewed their presence in the fort again.[1] The fort was handed over to Britain, along with the entire Dutch Gold Coast, on 6 April 1872, owing to the provisions of the Anglo-Dutch Treaties of 1870-1871.


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