Francis Joseph Bayldon

Francis Joseph Bayldon
Endeavour, Bayldon, Francis J. B.jpg
Dimensional sketch of HM Bark Endeavour by Bayldon, dated 1923
Born23 April 1872
Died21 July 1948(1948-07-21) (aged 76)
Edgecliff, Australia
Resting placeBayldon Shoals
09°08′S 160°08′E / 9.133°S 160.133°E / -9.133; 160.133
Other namesGentle Annie
EmployerBurns Philp
TitleM.B.E. 1938
Spouse(s)Stella Clare Summerbelle
ChildrenDr. Francis Wood Bayldon
Parent(s)Rev. Joe Wood Bayldon, Jessie Caroline Nicholls

Francis Joseph Bayldon MBE (1872–1948) was an Australian master mariner and nautical instructor. Born in England, he was apprenticed to Devitt & Moore, and was an officer on their passenger ships, on a route that circled the globe, around the Cape of Good Hope and Cape Horn. He was later with the Canadian-Australian Line, sailing between Vancouver and Sydney, Australia. He was on the Burns Philp ship the Moresby in 1901–1902.

He helped correct nautical charts for Pacific navigation. Bayldon Shoals, near Tulagi in the Solomon Islands, is named for him.[1]

He was a fellow of the Royal Australian Historical Society, and in 1925, published an article on the journeys of Luis Váez de Torres from the New Hebrides to the Moluccas.[2] He was also a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.


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