Fred Baur

Fred Baur
A black and white photograph of a man wearing glasses, and a white polo shirt
Baur in 1976
Fredric John Baur, Jr.

(1918-06-14)June 14, 1918
DiedMay 4, 2008(2008-05-04) (aged 89)
OccupationOrganic chemist, food storage technician
Known forDesigning and patenting the Pringles packaging
Spouse(s)Elaine McCleery–Baur (?—2001; her death)

Fredric John Baur (June 14, 1918 – May 4, 2008) was an American organic chemist and food storage technician notable for designing and patenting the Pringles packaging. Baur filed for a patent for the tubular Pringles container and for the method of packaging the curved, stacked chips in the container in 1966, and it was granted in 1971. His other accomplishments included development of frying oils and freeze-dried ice cream.[1] Baur was a graduate of the University of Toledo in Toledo, Ohio and received both his Masters and PhD degrees at The Ohio State University. He also served in the U.S. Navy as an aviation physiologist. He was a resident of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Some of Baur's ashes were buried in a Pringles can at his request.[2][3][4] Baur's children said they honored his request to bury him in one of the cans by placing part of his cremated remains in a Pringles container in his grave in suburban Springfield Township. The rest of his remains were placed in an urn buried along with the can, with some placed in another urn and given to one of Baur's grandchildren.


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