GRAITEC AdvanCAD / CAE software package developed by GRAITEC that includes three complementary software applications:

GRAITEC Advance Building Information Modeling (BIM) software package that provides tools for tracking changes and synchronizing data between Engineers and Detailers during the design and detailing process.

Advance programs communicate with each other through a data exchange component that recreates and stores the model in a specific BIM format, named GTC (Graitec Transfer Center). Including classes of standard objects, GTC is capable of recognizing all object types of a digital model (from structural elements and geometric entities to loads and analysis parameters), and to transfer the model data between compatible software applications. GTC serves as a communication link between the following applications and standards:

The GTC data exchange component allows managing the synchronization between two digital models issues by one of Graitec Advance suite programs or by different software applications.

The GRAITEC Advance applications allow users to simultaneously and securely work at the same project. The model data are stored in a shared database.

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