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Gazeta Express
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Cover of Gazeta Express, year 2006
TypeDaily newspaper
EditorBerat Buzhala
WebsiteOfficial website

Gazeta Express is a newsportal owned by MediaWorks in the Republic of Kosovo. A new media company founded in 2005 by a group of senior editors and journalists with financing from IPKO, Kosovo's leading private telecommunications company. Initial group of founders include: Berat Buzhala, Petrit Selimi, Dukagjin Gorani, Ilir Mirena, Astrit Gashi, Arlinda Desku, Andrew Testa, Gjergj Filipaj, Bul Salihu, etc. First Editor-in-chief was Dukagjin Gorani (2005), followed by Berat Buzhala (2007). Company's first CEO was Petrit Selimi (2005), and was later followed by Baton Haxhiu (2007) and Shpend Jakupi (2010-2013). Nowadays CEO is Berat Buzhala and editor-in-chief is Leonard Kërquki.[1] The newsportal is known for its wide range of news, fastest news delivery, distinctive editorials and op-ed's, as well as focus on investigative journalism.

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