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The General Inspection Organization of Iran (GIO) is linked to the Judiciary of Iran. It is also called the State Inspectorate Organization of Iran. The organization is a member of Asian Ombudsman Association and International Ombudsman Institute. Also it is the member of International Association of Anti Corruption Authorities. However it is not the primary anti corruption body and there are several agencies including Suprem Audit Court and Ministry of Justice and Parliamentary Commission for enforcing principle 90 of the constitution which are involved in fighting corruption and enforcing United Nations Convention Against Corruption. [1]

Based upon Iran's Constitution, GIO is in-charge for regular controlling and supervising executive bodies, military and disciplinary forces, state-run institutions and companies, municipalities and their subsidiaries, public notary chambers, foundations of public utility, revolutionary organs, and institutions whose financial resources totally or partially belong to the government.[2]

Delinquent bank loans

In 2009, GIO informed that Iranian banks have some USD 38 billion of delinquent loans, while they are only capitalized at USD 20 billion.[3] While most Iranians have difficulties obtaining small home loans, 90 persons have managed to secure collective facilities totaling $8 billion from banks.[4]

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