George Verwer

George Verwer
George praying for the World during one of his speaking engagements
Born (1938-07-03) July 3, 1938 (age 81)

"Special Projects Dude" -- Missions Mobilizer

Radical Discipleship Encourager.

George Verwer (born July 3, 1938) is an Evangelist and is the founder of Operation Mobilisation (OM), a Christian missions organization. Verwer has written several books on various Christian themes. He is a passionate advocate of radical discipleship as the only legitimate option for people who believe in Jesus.

Early life

Verwer's first contact with Christianity was through his neighbor, Dorothea Clapp, who gave him the Gospel of John and also put him on her "Holy Ghost hit list". Verwer attributes to her some of the reason that he made a commitment to Christ, and for what resulted in his life.

In 1953, as a 14-year-old student from Wyckoff, New Jersey attending Ramsey High School, Verwer went to a Jack Wyrtzen meeting in which Billy Graham spoke in Madison Square Garden, in New York City. There he was converted to become a Christian, at the age of 16. Within a year, about 200 of his classmates became Christians.[1]

He had a growing conviction to evangelize on foreign soil. He started with distribution of the Gospel of John in Mexico in 1957 along with two friends, Walter Borchard and Dale Rhoton. They called this operation "Send the Light". This continued with others during summer holidays. Afterward, Verwer used the name "Send the Light" for a book distribution operation to India based in the United Kingdom. This developed into Send the Light, which was once the largest Christian book distributor in the United Kingdom, but which entered into Administration December 2009 and moved into Liquidation December 2010.


After high school, he attended Maryville College and then transferred to Moody Bible Institute, where he met his wife, Drena, who was a fellow student.

He was awarded an honorary degree, Doctor of Divinity, during commencement at Biola University on May 22, 2009.

Operation Mobilization

After graduation, they went to Spain. Once while taking Bibles into the USSR, George was arrested and accused of being a spy. He was deported, and back in Spain, after a time of prayer in 1961 the work of Operation Mobilization (OM) was born. George often refers to this calling himself "God's Bungler", in reference to Brother Andrew, "God's Smuggler".

In August 2003, George handed over the international leadership of the work of Operation Mobilisation to Peter Maiden, who was the Associate International Director for 15 years. George and his wife are now involved in Special Projects Ministries[clarification needed] full-time. They still travel and take meetings around the world.


George and Drena have three children.



  • Extremism, Bombay: Gospel Literature Service (1964)
  • Pseudo Discipleship, Fort Washington: Christian Literature Crusade, 1970,
  • Hunger For Reality, Kansas City: Walterick Publishers, 1972.
  • Literature Evangelism, Send the Light, 1977. ISBN 0-9630908-3-6
  • No Turning Back, Bromley, Send the Light, 1983. ISBN 1-85078-250-4
  • The Revolution of Love, Authentic Lifestyle, 1989. ISBN 1-85078-045-5 (Originally published as "Revolution of Love and Balance")
  • Out Of The Comfort Zone, Bethany House Publishers, 2001. ISBN 0-7642-2478-6 (Online etext)
  • Drops From A Leaking Tap, Authentic, 2008.
  • Messiology, CWR, 2015. ISBN 9781782599371 (Originally published as "More Drops: Mystery, Mercy and Messiology")

Audio Books

  • There Is A 29th Chapter To Acts, Oasis Audio, 2000. ISBN 1-886463-75-1
  • If You're Not Called To Stay Then Go!
  • Lukewarm No More
  • Straight From The Heart
  • Failure, Restoration, Forgiveness: Confessions of a Weak Servant


  1. ^ Wood, Patrick. "George Verwer and the birth of OM", Operation Mobilisation, October 30, 2016. Accessed October 19, 2017. "In Wyckoff, New Jersey, in 1953 George was 14 years old, high-spirited, and showing promise as a natural-born leader at Ramsey High School when Mrs. Clapp’s son first gave him a copy of John’s Gospel."

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