Germans in Finland

Germans in Finland
Deutsche in Finnland
Saksalaiset suomessa
Germany Finland
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Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa
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Germans in Finland are immigrants from Germany residing in Finland.


In the middle ages the most important officers and other nobles were Swedish or Germans. In Turku and Viipuri 75% of bourgeoisies were German. Germans were also merchants. By 1924 there were 1,645 Germans in Finland.[2]

German families were essential for the development of Finland and Helsinki in the 1800s. German was the third most spoken language in Helsinki at the time, and German schools which still operate today were established in Helsinki.[3]

During World War II, there were about 200,000 German soldiers in Finland in the period 1941–1944, and an estimated 700 children were born to German soldiers and Finnish women.[4][5]

Many present-day Finnish companies were started by Germans, like Paulig and Stockmann.

Finnish people of German descent

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