Germans in Pakistan

Germans in Pakistan
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Regions with significant populations
Karachi · other areas
German · Urdu  · Sindhi
Christianity · Sunni Islam

There are a small number of Germans in Pakistan, consisting of German expatriates in Pakistan, students, families, dual national Pakistani-Germans and Pakistani citizens of German ancestry. Their number may be as much as 200 in entire Pakistan. There are Germans in Peshawar.[1] Germany maintains a healthy diplomatic presence in the country, with an embassy in Islamabad, a consulate in Karachi and honorary-consulate in Lahore.

Militants in the Northwest

There have been various reports of unregistered German militants living in the northwest regions of the country near Afghanistan.

In 2009, intelligence investigators discovered a German "village" in Federally Administered Tribal Areas, consisting of hundreds of German al-Qaeda insurgents and Muslim converts. According to the German foreign ministry, a growing number of German families, especially of North African descent, have moved into those regions and live there. The village presents a desirable lifestyle with schools, hospitals, pharmacies and day care centres at a nearby distance.[2]

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