Gherasim Rudi

Gherasim Rudi
Stamp of Moldova - Gherasim Rudi.jpg
2007 Stamp
Prime Minister of the Moldavian SSR1
In office
5 January 1946 – 23 January 1958
Preceded byNicolae Coval
Succeeded byAlexandru Diordiță
Personal details
Born4 March 1907
Sărăţei, Rîbnița District
Died26 June 1982(1982-06-26) (aged 75)
Political partyCommunist Party of Moldova
1. Until 4 April 1946, the name of the Chairmen of the Council of Ministers was Chairmen of the Council of People's Commissars.

Gherasim Rudi (4 March 1907 in Sărăţei – 26 June 1982 in Chișinău) was a Moldavian SSR politician.

Gherasim Rudi (Gerasim Yakovlevich Rud) was born in Sărăţei, Rîbnița District. He died on 26 June 1982, in Chişinău.

Gherasim Rudi was the prime minister of Moldavian SSR (5 January 1946 – 23 January 1958); until 4 April, the name was Chairmen of the Council of People's Commissars.

Rudi signed the ruling concerning the deportation of more than 40,000 of Bessarabian Romanians to Siberia in the summer of 1949. The operation was undertaken by the NKVD, under the order of Joseph Stalin, on 6 June 1949 and was known as the operation "Iug" (South). After retirement he was a Rector of the Chisinau Agricultural Institute.


  • Chişinău-enciclopedie (1997)

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Political offices
Preceded by
Nicolae Coval
Prime Minister of Moldova
5 January 1946 – 23 January 1958
Succeeded by
Alexandru Diordiță

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