Golomt Bank

Golomt Bank is one of the largest privately owned banks in Mongolia. Founded on March 6 of 1995, Golomt Bank grew into the leading commercial bank of Mongolia, producing ¼ of the Mongolian national GDP and constituting 20% of Mongolian banking system as of end of 2015. The bank has well-established domestic and international client bases in both corporate and retail market. Worldwide financial magazines such as Global Finance, Euromoney and the Banker named Golomt Bank as the best bank of Mongolia.

As of 31 December 2015 the Bank had 71 branches within Mongolia. Also, 26 sub-branches along with digital channels including ATMs, Internet and Mobile banking.


As of 2011, Golomt has over 1,000 employees, with 30% male and 70% female.[1]

Board of directors

  • · Ch.Munkhtsetseg - Chairwoman
  • · Z.Temuun - Member
  • · Urs E. Schwarzenbach - Member
  • · D.Munkhtur - Member
  • · J.Unenbat - Independent Member
  • · López Abelló - Independent Member

Bank executives

  • · U.Ganzorig - Chief Executive Officer
  • · G.Ganbold - President
  • · T.Nyamsuren - Vice-CEO
  • · N.Tserendavaa - Vice-CEO
  • · Tomas Bravenec - Vice-CEO
  • · Ch. Davaadash- Vice-CEO

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  1. ^ "Golomt Bank 2011 Annual Report" (PDF). Earnest and Young External Auditors. Retrieved 2012-06-18.

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