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State Committee for Standards and Product Quality Management
RussianГосстандарт (Государственный стандарт)
RomanizationGosstandart (Gosudarstvenniy standart)
Literal meaningState standard

Gosstandart (Russian: Госстандарт) was the Soviet government agency responsible for standardization, metrology, and quality management. The name is an abbreviation for Gosudarstvennyy standart (‘State Standard’).


Established in 1925 as a committee for standardization within the USSR Council of Labor and Defence, Gosstandart was at first put in charge of inspecting measuring instruments used in industrial and agricultural production and later was tasked with developing, updating, and disseminating GOST standards.

Over the course of its existence, the agency was reformed a number of times, receiving a new name with each transformation: the National Committee for Standardization; the Committee for Standards, Metrology, and Measuring Instruments; the State Committee for Standards; the State Committee for Standards and Product Quality Management. The agency received its nickname, Gosstandart, in 1970.

Later years

After the dissolution of the USSR, Gosstandart was merged with Gosstandart Rossii and today its name is Rostekhregulirovaniye. In Ukraine, Gosstandart became Derzhstandart, an abbreviation for Derzhavnyy standart.

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