Government House, Suva

Government House
General information
TypeOfficial residence
AddressQueen Elizabeth Drive
Town or citySuva
Coordinates18°09′07″S 178°25′34″E / 18.151892°S 178.426140°E / -18.151892; 178.426140Coordinates: 18°09′07″S 178°25′34″E / 18.151892°S 178.426140°E / -18.151892; 178.426140
ClientColony of Fiji
OwnerGovernment of Fiji (current)

Government House is the official residence of the President of Fiji.


The present Georgian mansion was built in 1928 to replace the original building - the residence of the colonial governor - which burnt to the ground after being struck by lightning in 1921.[1] The first Government House was built in the early 1880s (after the capital moved in Suva) that consisted of two small wood frame buildings.[2][3][4]

From 1970 to 1987, Government House was the official residence of the Governor-General, and became the presidential residence in 1987 after two military coups resulted in the proclamation of a republic.


The residence is located south of Fiji Museum, with the main entrance on Queen Elizabeth Drive, near the Great Council of Chiefs complex.

The building is closed to the public, but a highlight of tourist visits to Suva is the changing of the guard ceremony during the first week of each month. The guards are staffed by members of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces.[5]

The building should not be confused with the Government Buildings to the north on the same street (Victoria Parade).


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