Government of Gibraltar

Her Majesty's Government
of Gibraltar
Central Government
Country Gibraltar
The Crown
Head of stateQueen Elizabeth II
LegislatureParliament of Gibraltar
Head of governmentChief Minister of Gibraltar
(Fabian Picardo)
Headquarters6 Convent Place,
Main organCabinet of Gibraltar
CourtSupreme Court of Gibraltar
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Her Majesty's Government of Gibraltar is the democratically elected government of the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar. The head of state is Queen Elizabeth II who is represented by the Governor. Elections in Gibraltar are held every four years, with a unicameral parliament of 18 members of which 17 members are elected by popular vote and, the "Speaker" – Is appointed by Parliament

The executive

The leader of the majority party (or majority coalition) is formally appointed by the governor as the Chief Minister (head of government).[1]

The legislature

The Cabinet (Council of Ministers) is generally formed by 10 of the 17 elected Members of Parliament, through choice made by the Chief Minister with the approval of the Governor.[2] The seven remaining members constitute the Opposition (Shadow Cabinet).[1]

The last general election was held on 17 October 2019.


The Cabinet (elected as from December 2011) and after the reshuffle, as announced by the Chief Minister after the 2019 general election.

Name Party Ministerial Role
The Hon. Fabian Picardo, QC GSLP Chief Minister
The Hon. Dr. Joseph Garcia LPG (Liberals) Deputy Chief Minister (also takes on the role as the Minister for Brexit and Europe)
The Hon. John Cortes GSLP Minister for Environment, Energy, Climate Change and Education (responsible for Education, Heritage, Urban Renewal and the maintenance, administration and operation of tourist sites and beaches)
The Hon. Albert Isola GSLP Minister for Commerce (responsible for Business and Commercial Affairs, IT, eGovernment, e-Commerce and Postal Services)
The Hon. Samantha Sacramento GSLP Minister of Justice, Multiculturalism, Equality and Community Affairs
The Hon. Gilbert Licudi, QC GSLP Minister for Education, Employment, Utilities and the Port
The Hon. Sir Joseph Bossano, KCMG GSLP Minister for Economic Development, Telecommunications and the Gibraltar Savings Bank (GSB) (responsible for Public Sector Efficiency and Procurement)
The Hon. Vijay Daryanani LPG (Liberals) Minister for Business, Tourism and Transport
The Hon. Paul Balban GSLP Minister for Health and Care
The Hon. Steven Linares LPG (Liberals) Minister for Housing, Youth and Sport

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