Governor of Gagauzia

Governor of Gagauzia
Coat of arms of Gagauzia.svg
Irina Vlah
StyleHis/Her Excellency
Term lengthFour years

The Governor of Gagauzia is the highest political position in Gagauzia, Moldova.

Governors of Gagauzia

Name From Until
Gheorghe Tabunşcic (başkan) 19 June 1995 24 September 1999
Dumitru Croitor (başkan) 24 September 1999 21 June 2002
Valeri Ianioglo (başkan interim) 21 June 2002 10 July 2002
Ivan Kristioglo (başkan interim, in opposition) 10 July 2002 29 July 2002
Gheorghe Mollo (başkan interim) 29 July 2002 9 November 2002
Gheorghe Tabunşcic (başkan) 9 November 2002 29 December 2006
Mihail Formuzal (başkan) 29 December 2006 15 April 2015
Irina Vlah (başkan) 15 April 2015 current

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