Great Russian Regions

Topographic map of Russia

The Great Russian Regions (Russian: Ландшафт России) are eight geomorphological areas in the Russian Federation displaying characteristic forms of relief. Seven of them are east of the Urals.[1]



Central Siberian Plateau, Putorana Mountains.
Central Yakutian Lowland, Tukulan area in the taiga.
East European Plain, Khopyor River near Novokhopersk.

East Siberian Lowland, Lake Ozhogino.
East Siberian Mountains, view of Bilibino.
North Siberian Lowland, tundra and snowfield in Taymyr Dolgano-Nenets District.
South Siberian Mountains, Kuznetsk Alatau.
West Siberian Lowland, the Ob by Novosibirsk.
Map naming the seven geomorphological regions of the Russian Federation that are located east of the Urals. (In German)

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