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Grossmont College
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Former names
Grossmont Junior College District
TypePublic community college
PresidentMarsha Gable, Ed.D.
Location, ,
United States
ColorsGreen and Gold

Grossmont College is a public community college in El Cajon, California. Its name originated with the silent film actor and producer William J. Gross, who was enticed by Ed Fletcher to invest the purchase of land, part of which was called Grossmont.[2] The campus sits in the Fletcher Hills community of El Cajon and is bordered by the cities of San Diego and Santee. Grossmont College along with Cuyamaca College make up what is the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District. Grossmont is part of the California Community College System.

Grossmont College is also home to Grossmont Middle College High School, where selected high school students can receive both high school and college credit for taking courses on campus. The newspaper for Grossmont College is The Summit. Its radio station is Griffin Radio.


Quad and South Entrance of the Tech Center

The facilities of Grossmont College are situated across 135 acres. At its inception, the campus was planned to accommodate an enrollment of 2,500 daytime students. The first incarnation of the completed campus was expected to hold 4,800 students. On October 18, 1965, a bond for $3.5 million was approved by area voters. This made it possible to complete the college's initial master plan. By September 25, 1967, the new facilities were completed. Since that time, student enrollment increased dramatically and created the need for new and remodeled campus facilities.

In recent years, the college has undergone major improvements of its facilities including:

  • 2003 Library (new)
  • 2004 Technology Center (new and remodeled old library)
  • 2006 Science Building (new)
  • 2007 Digital Arts Building (new)
  • 2007 Sculpture Complex (new)
  • 2008 Exercise Science Building (remodel)
  • 2009 Parking Structure (lot 5)
  • 2010 Health/Physical Sciences Building (replaces old biology building)
  • 2012 Cafeteria and Admissions & Records Building (remodel)


Grossmont College offers more than 150 degree and certificate programs. Each year, about 1,500 students earn Associate in Arts degrees, Associate in Science degrees, and/or advanced/basic certificates. In addition, the students are offered general education and transfer programs.


Track & Football Field

Grossmont College offers several men's and women's intercollegiate sports:

  • Men
    • Baseball
    • Basketball
    • Football
    • Swimming and Diving
    • Tennis
    • Volleyball
    • Water Polo
  • Women
    • Badminton
    • Basketball
    • Cross Country
    • Soccer
    • Softball
    • Swimming and Diving
    • Tennis
    • Volleyball
    • Water Polo
North Entrance of Library

Notable alumni


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