Group for Social Dialogue

The Group for Social Dialogue (Romanian: Grupul pentru Dialog Social, GDS) is a Romanian non-governmental organization whose stated mission is to protect and promote democracy, human rights and civil liberties. It was founded in January 1990 and issues the weekly magazine Revista 22.

On 31 December 1989, The Group for Social Dialogue – with only 15 members – organized a press conference at the InterContinental Bucharest in which participants announced the intentions of the group. Their constitution declaration specified the group’s intentions and the values shared by all the members.

In January 1990, it was the host of the first official visit in Romania of philanthropist George Soros.[1]

The group pursues its goals mainly by engaging in dialogue with various society components, as well as the executive and legislative branches. The GDS is not a political organization, and stresses that it does not intend to become one.[2] However it is noted for its support for the right wing.[3]

The started a political magazine, Revista 22, on 20 January 1990.[4]

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