Guachi language

Native toArgentina
Extinct(date missing)
  • Eastern
    • Guachí
Language codes
ISO 639-3None (mis)

Guachí (Wachí) is an extinct, apparently Guaicuruan language of Argentina. It is usually classified as one of the Guaicuruan languages, but the data is insufficient to demonstrate that.[1]


Guachi is known only from 145 words collected by Francis de Castelnau from March to early April of 1845 in the Miranda area of Argentina.[2][3]


Viegas Barros (2004) proposes that Guachi, as well as Payaguá, may be a Macro-Guaicurúan language.[3] However, Campbell (2012) classifies Guachi as a language isolate.[4]


Guachi words and affixes listed in Viegas Barros (2004):[3]

no. Spanish gloss
English gloss
1 agua water euak
2 lago lake tawicha
3 estrella star aati
4 posiblemente día day ? aanau-, naau-
5 diente tooth iava
6 labios lips iapé
7 ojo eye iataya
8 ceja eyebrow iticha
9 cabeza head iotapa
10 hombro shoulder -eu (< iolai-eu)
11 cabello hair ioatriz
12 mentón chin irak
13 comer eat iik
14 dormir sleep amma
15 golpear, batir hit, beat sapak
16 sentarse sit down ineche
17 posiblemente indígena indigenous ? -euleuc
18 hijo son inna
19 dos two eu-echo
20 no no an
21 gallina hen wokaake
22 pipa pipe ouchete
23 posiblemente otra vez again ? -way
24 posiblemente negación léxica negation ? ag-
25 posiblemente posesivo de 1ª. p. sing. 1.SG possessive ? i-
26 posiblemente plural nominal nominal plural ? -i
27 posiblemente femenino feminine ? -jen
28 lluvia rain fou-é
29 calor hot o-outé
30 pierna leg iacté
31 matar kill outei
32 hambre hungry yawookta
33 anciano old man seera
34 demasiado excessively euaité
35 pez fish aney
36 lagartija lizard kaliske
37 papagayo parrot calicheechee
38 tucán toucan iacat
39 armadillo armadillo tatae sia
40 sable saber nasakanate
41 luna moon o-alete
42 tierra earth leek
43 nariz nose ia-note
44 pierna leg iacalep
45 muslo thigh iakamnan
46 posiblemente uno one ? -kailau
47 tres three eu-echo-kailau
48 hablar talk ieuech
49 cansarse become tired ya-weul
50 cocinar cook ayai
51 sufijo derivativo de significado posible ‘parecido a’ suffix < ‘alike’ ? -tok
52 caballo horse ometok
53 papagayo (Arara) parrot (Arara) caga
54 casa house poecha
55 canoa canoe nook
56 fusil rifle ta-ai
57 maza, porra club, bludgeon palley
58 piedra stone sitrat
59 frío cold catate
60 garganta throat iracheu
61 vientre belly iet
62 leche milk lachouway
63 mano hand -mason (< iolaimason)
64 morder bite apa-eu


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