Guangxi Sports Center

Guangxi Sports Center
Full name广西体育中心
LocationNanning, Guangxi, China
Coordinates22°46′01″N 108°23′17″E / 22.767°N 108.388°E / 22.767; 108.388Coordinates: 22°46′01″N 108°23′17″E / 22.767°N 108.388°E / 22.767; 108.388

The Guangxi Sports Center (Chinese: 广西体育中心) is a sports complex with a multi-purpose stadium (Guangxi Sports Center Stadium) in Nanning, Guangxi, China. It is used mostly for football matches. The stadium opened in 2010 and holds 60,000 spectators.[1] The stadium hosted all matches of the 2017 China Cup.

The complex also included a leaf-shaped indoor arena with a total capacity of 9,247.[2] The gymnasium hosted 2014 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships and will host 2019 Sudirman Cup badminton competition.


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