The Gulp River through Gulpen
The Gulp River through Gulpen
Flag of Gulpen-Wittem
Coat of arms of Gulpen-Wittem
Coat of arms
Highlighted position of Gulpen-Wittem in a municipal map of Limburg
Location in Limburg
Coordinates: 50°49′N 5°53′E / 50.817°N 5.883°E / 50.817; 5.883Coordinates: 50°49′N 5°53′E / 50.817°N 5.883°E / 50.817; 5.883
Established1 January 1999[1]
 • BodyMunicipal council
 • MayorNicole Ramaekers-Rutjens
 • Total73.36 km2 (28.32 sq mi)
 • Land73.18 km2 (28.25 sq mi)
 • Water0.18 km2 (0.07 sq mi)
Elevation95 m (312 ft)
(January 2019)[5]
 • Total14,246
 • Density195/km2 (510/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
6270–6289, 6320–6321
Area code043

Gulpen-Wittem (About this soundpronunciation ) (Limburgish: Gullepe-Wittem [ˌɣøləpə ˈβɪtəm]) is a municipality in the southeastern Netherlands (in the province of Limburg) with 14,246 inhabitants as of 2019.

Gulpen-Wittem came into being after the merger of the municipalities Gulpen and Wittem. This took place after a request of both municipalities. At the time of the merger, both municipalities had about 8000 inhabitants, although Wittem was bigger than Gulpen. The town hall was situated in Gulpen, and has kept its function as town hall in the new municipality. The former town hall of Wittem was situated in a manor house in Mechelen since 1986, which is now being used as a "nursing hostel".

The municipality is rural, with many castles, half-timbered houses and old monumental farms. Yearly, Gulpen-Wittem attracts many tourists from the entire country because of its relatively sloping landscape, especially during the summer.

Population centres



Dutch Topographic map of the municipality of Gulpen-Wittem, June 2015


Apart from beer brewing ("Gulpener" (at Gulpen) and "Brand" (at Wijlre)), vinegar production ("Gulpener") and agriculture, tourism is essential aspect of economical activity in this municipality. Especially Slenaken is a distinct tourist site.

Notable people

Antoon Coolen, 1959



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