Hartnell College

Hartnell College
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Former names
Salinas Junior College
MottoGrowing Leaders through Opportunity, Engagement, and Achievement.
TypeCommunity college
Established1920 (1920)
Budget2013-2014: $38.5 Million
PresidentWillard Clark Lewallen
Location, ,
ColorsGarnet and gold
AffiliationsCoast Conference

Hartnell College is a community college in Salinas, California. It enrolls nearly 10,000 students; 56% of those students are Latino/a and the college is a Hispanic Serving Institution.[1] Its name commemorates William Hartnell (1798–1854), who founded the first junior college in California.[2]


Hartnell College offers certificates and associate degrees at three campuses: Main Campus, Alisal (East Salinas), and King City.[3] The main campus in South Salinas also includes a Disabled Students Services Center, admissions and records office, financial aid office, Student Union, cafeteria, a parking structure and a library. The college is accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges.

Notable alumni


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