Have Love, Will Travel

"Have Love, Will Travel"
Richard Berry Flip 349 Label Scan.jpg
Single by Richard Berry
B-side"No Room"
ReleasedNovember 1959
FormatVinyl single
Genrerhythm and blues
LabelFlip 349
Songwriter(s)Richard Berry
Richard Berry singles chronology
"Louie Louie"
"Have Love, Will Travel"
"Sweet Sugar You"

"Have Love, Will Travel" is a 1959 song written and recorded by Richard Berry.[1] Berry also wrote and originally performed the classic hit "Louie Louie". The title is a based on a popular television/radio western serial Have Gun, Will Travel.

The Sonics version

In its best known incarnation, garage-rock protopunkers, The Sonics, covered the song on their 1965 album, Here Are The Sonics. Driven by haphazardly recorded fuzz guitar, a big driving drum sound, screaming vocals and a dirty saxophone break, it epitomized their sound at that time. The Sonics changed the chord progression from the original G-Am-Bb-Am, a 1-2m-m3-2m progression, to a basic 1-4-5-4 progression, which in G would be simply G-C-D-C. This is the version that virtually all other artists copied.

Other versions

  • The song was released by Paul Revere and the Raiders as a 1964 B-side.
  • Other notable 60s cover versions include Woody Carr (1964), Gallahads (1964), Hollywood Hurricanes (UK, 1964), Imperialites (1964), Lee Maye (1964), Off-Beats (1964), and Sano and the Saints Five (1966).
  • Stiv Bators as a 1986 B-side.
  • Crazyhead on a 1989 EP.
  • Thee Headcoatees on their 1992 album Have Love Will Travel.
  • Blood Sausage on their 1993 release Happy Little Bullshit Boy.
  • Hot Boogie Chillun on their Sweets album in 1996.
  • The Brandos on their 1998 release Nowhere Zone (although it was originally recorded for their ill-fated Trial By Fire album in 1989).
  • Blues rockers The Black Keys on their 2003 album Thickfreakness, their 7" vinyl single, and their 2004 EP The Moan.
  • Jim Belushi and the Sacred Hearts in 2005 (who named a tour with Dan Aykroyd "The Have Love Will Travel Revue").
  • Japanese group Portugal Japan on their eponymous 2005 album.
  • Danish retro rock band The Blue Van on their 2005 album The Art of Rolling.
  • Australian pop rock band The Basics covered the song on their 2007 album Stand Out/Fit In.
  • Lady Dottie and the Diamonds on their eponymous 2008 album.
  • In 2011, Diesel recorded and released a version as the lead single from his EP 7 Axes.
  • Dutch funk band Lefties Soul Connection on their 2011 album One Punch Pete, featuring Flo Mega.
  • A version by Sky Saxon, lead singer of The Seeds, was released in 2011.
  • The Portland band Guitarwhals released a version in 2015.[2]
  • The Vinylos on their 2013 EP No Trash.
  • Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band performed it at times on their 1988 Tunnel of Love Express tour; the song appears on a 2015 release from the tour, LA Sports Arena, California 1988.[3]
  • Australian hip hop group Hilltop Hoods sampled the song in their 2018 track "Leave Me Lonely".

Television and movies

  • The Sonics version appears in the movies RocknRolla (2008), How To Be (2008), Tournée (2010), and Man Up (2015), in the trailer for John Wick (2014), and in the television series Misfits (2011).
  • The Sonics' version was featured in the launch advert for the then-new Land Rover Discovery in the UK from Autumn-Winter 2004
  • Since 2007, the Sonics' version of the song has been used by LV=, the UK financial services group in its television advertising for car insurance.
  • The Basics from Melbourne, Australia covered the song on their 2007 album Stand Out/Fit In and their 2010 live album, and this version was used in an episode of the David Duchovny series Californication.
  • The song was used in the BBC series Three Men in More Than One Boat.
  • The Sonics' version was featured in September 2014 in a promo for season four of the CNN series Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, and also in October 2014 by ESPN for their tennis broadcast ads.


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