Heartland (TV network)

LaunchedNovember 1, 2012 (2012-11-01)[1][2]
Owned byLuken Communications[3]
SloganThe Heart of Country
HeadquartersChattanooga/Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Formerly calledThe Nashville Network (2012–2013)

Heartland is an American country music-oriented digital broadcast television network that is owned by Luken Communications and broadcast out of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Launched on April 16, 2012, the network began in 2012 as a revival of The Nashville Network (TNN) that existed as a basic cable and satellite television network from March 7, 1983 to September 24, 2000.


On April 16, 2012, Luken Communications and Jim Owens Entertainment announced a joint venture to relaunch The Nashville Network as a digital broadcast television network on November 1, 2012[2][4][5][6] with the network to carry much of the original TNN's programming, including Music City Tonight, Crook & Chase, Yesteryear and (in cooperation with the Country Music Hall of Fame) Nashville Now, as well as new and original programming.

In October 2013, the partnership between Jim Owens Entertainment and Luken Communications ended and the network was rebranded as Heartland, carrying much of the same programming and format.[7]


Programming that aired on the new Nashville Network included shows such as Nashville Now, Crook & Chase, Music City Tonight, The Rick and Bubba Show, and Larry's Country Diner.[4][5][6] Much of the same programming continued to air after the rebrand to Heartland. New series added to the network include Rise Up Country with John Ritter, Reflections, Positively Paula (hosted by Paula Deen), the Canadian drama series Heartland, reruns of Canadian sketch comedy The Red Green Show (added September 2018), and four hours per day of live Coffee, Country & Cody from WSM Radio in Nashville (which replaced Rick and Bubba when that show moved to CRTV). Country music videos air when no other programs are scheduled; both contemporary videos and classic country performances are offered, usually presented in blocks by VJs.

Heartland's national feed contains no infomercials except for a regularly scheduled presentation brokered by Time-Life Home Video.


Heartland is distributed through digital subchannel affiliations. The network is also distributed freely over the Internet, although the online feed operates intermittently and only Coffee, Country & Cody is carried online on a consistent basis.


As of October 2017, Network affiliates include:

DMA Station Channel


Huntsville-Decatur WMJN-LD 29.1
Montgomery-Selma WBMM 22.2


San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose KMMC-LD 40.5
Fresno-Visalia KVBC-LP 13.2


Denver KHDT-LD 16.4


Jacksonville (St. Augustine) WQXT-CD 22.4


Chattanooga WDGA-CD 43.1
Cumming-Atlanta WLVO-LD 21.7


Twin Falls KYTL-LD 17.4


Wichita-Hutchinson Plus KSMI-LP 30.2
Topeka KMJC-LD 25.4


Louisville WRLW-CA 17.1


Detroit WHNE-LD 14.12
Roscommon (Traverse City-Cadillac) WURO-LD 18.5


Kansas City KCKS-LD 25.4
Springfield KRFT-LD 8.2


Great Falls K18BN-D 18.3

New York

Buffalo WBXZ-LP 56.6
Rochester WGCE-CD/WBGT-CD 46.4
Elmira (Corning) WYDC 48.3
Utica WVVC-LD 40.3

North Carolina

Greenville-N.Bern-Washngtn WTMH-LD 21.1
Greenville-N.Bern-Washngtn WTMQ-LD 41.1
Wilmington WTMV-LD 21.1


Cincinnati WBQC-LD 25.5


Tulsa KUOC-LD 48.5

South Carolina

Greenville-Spartanburg WASV-LP 50.1

South Dakota

Rapid City KRPC-LP 33.1


Nashville WLLC-LP 42.4
Memphis WBII-CD 20.4
Chattanooga WOOT-LD 6.1
Chattanooga WTNB-CD 27.2


Beaumont-Port Arthur KAOB-LD 27.1

† Any launch dates noted are subject to change.

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