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The following tools can help you assemble a citation from limited information, with limited effort. These are tools with a variety of interfaces that provide a complete formatted reference based on a few initial details.



Citation tools

Reference markup and citation templates may be inserted manually or by use of tools:

  • Citation expander automatically adds missing data to citations using citation templates, and makes corrections to their formatting
  • ProveIt provides a graphical interface for editing, adding, and citing references. It may be enabled per the documentation
  • RefToolbar is part of the editing tool bar
  • SnipManager adds a ribbon interface to add citations
  • User:Zhaofeng Li/reFill
  • wikEd

User scripts

  • Folded references collapses the references of a page
  • Footnote popups Displays a small popup box of a footnote when you hover the cursor above a footnote link
  • HarvErrors shows errors when using Harvard templates
  • ListrefErrors shows errors when using {{listref}}
  • PleaseStand/References segregator places references into a separate edit box
  • Reference exporter
  • Reference Organizer presents all references in graphical user interface, where you can choose whether the references should be defined in the body of article or in the reference list template(s) . You can also sort the references in various ways (and optionally keep the sort order), and rename the references.
  • RefTooltip sets the tooltip for references to the text of the reference.
  • ReviewSourceCheck (different versions for different preferences) flags 16 types of errors in the references and/or notes, when using Harv templates.
  • Sources Formats names of newspapers within citation templates
  • User:Anomie/ajaxpreview.js adds a preview button that will show references when editing a section
  • User:BrandonXLF/Autoref replaces the reference button in the editing toolbar in the 2010 wikitext editor with a button that allows the use of Citoid to insert an auto generated reference
  • User:BrandonXLF/Citoid generates a reference using the Citoid server. Designed for being used inside user scripts.
  • user:js/ajaxPreview adds a preview button that will show references when editing a section
  • User:Salix alba/Citoid Generates citation templates using the Citoid server. Standalone javascript which can be used outside of Visual Editor.

Beta and obsolete




The following bot-filled templates are deprecated.

  • {{Cite doi}}
  • {{Cite jstor}}
  • {{Cite pmid}}


These templates can be used in documentation:

Typing aids


  • {{Citation Style 1}}: navbox for Citation Style 1 templates
  • {{Wikipedia referencing}}: navbox for referencing help pages


  • {{Citation Style documentation}}: modular documentation for Citation Style 1 and Citation Style 2
  • {{Harvard citation documentation}}: documentation for Harvard citations
  • {{Markup}}: show markup and rendered output side by side
  • {{Refname rules}}: rules for names for footnotes and groups


  • {{Dummy backlink}}: replicate footnote backlinks
  • {{Dummy ref}}: replicate footnote in-text cite
  • {{Fake heading}}: replicate headings
  • {{Fake notes and references}}: replicate Notes and References headings

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