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This is a directory of Wikipedia's how-to and information pages, alongside other related administrative pages in the Wikipedia and Help namespaces. New to Wikipedia? See our introduction for aspiring contributors. If you require interactive assistance, see asking for help. For other useful directories and indexes, see directories.

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Most common questions

About Wikipedia

Contributor information

Frequently asked questions

  • FAQ main page – questions about using and contributing.
    • Administration – answers some questions related to Administrators.
    • Article subjects – what to do about a specific articles.
    • Categories – about using Wikipedia's categories.
    • Contributing – answers to questions commonly asked by contributors.
    • Copyright – four most commonly asked questions about copyright.
    • Editing – answers the most common questions about editing.
    • Forking – how do I download and use Wikipedia content.
    • IRC (live chat) – about "chat rooms" – real-time discussions.
    • Organizations – editing without displaying a conflict of interest.
    • Problems – solving problems you may encounter when browsing or editing.
    • Readers – addresses concerns and questions readers may have.
    • Schools – questions teachers, librarians and administrators might have.
    • Technical – answers some questions related to the technical workings.
    • (Miscellaneous) – questions that do not fit into any of the others above.

How to pages

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