Henk Krol List

Henk Krol List

Lijst Henk Krol
LeaderHenk Krol
ChairpersonPieter Bogaardt
Leader in the House
of Representatives
Henk Krol
FoundersHenk Krol
Founded18 October 2020 (2020-10-18)[1]
Split fromParty for the Future
IdeologyProgressive conservatism[2]
Colours Pink
House of Representatives
0 / 150
0 / 75
Provincial councils
0 / 570
European Parliament
0 / 29

The Henk Krol List (Dutch: Lijst Henk Krol, LHK) is a political party in the Netherlands named after its founder and leader Henk Krol, who had previously led both 50PLUS (50+) and the Party for the Future (PvdT).[1] It had a (formally independent) seat in the House of Representatives as the Member Krol (Dutch: Lid Krol). The party participated in the 2021 Dutch general election on 17 March 2021, but did not win any seats.[3]

Electoral results

House of Representatives

Election Lijsttrekker Votes % Seats +/–
2021 9,264 0.09 (#24)
0 / 150

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