Henry DeWitt Hamilton

Henry DeWitt Hamilton
Henry DeWitt Hamilton in 1917.jpg
Adjutant General of the New York State Militia
In office
Appointed byWilliam Sulzer
Personal details
Born(1863-02-26)February 26, 1863
White Hall, Illinois
DiedAugust 18, 1942(1942-08-18) (aged 79)
Barrington, Rhode Island
Resting placeArlington National Cemetery
Spouse(s)Ada Estelle Brown
ParentsEdwin Benjamin Brown Hamilton
Mary Ann Hildred Chandler
EducationShurtleff College
Columbia University (J.D., 1884)

Major General Henry DeWitt Hamilton (February 26, 1863 - August 18, 1942) was the Adjutant General of the New York State Militia starting in 1912.[1]


He was born on February 26, 1863 in White Hall, Illinois to Edwin Benjamin Brown Hamilton (1821-1894) and Mary Ann Hildred Chandler. He attended Shurtleff College and Columbia University and was admitted to the bar in New York in 1884.[2] On June 30, 1893 in Newark, New Jersey he married Ada Estelle Brown.[1]

He was the Adjutant General of the New York State Militia starting in 1912.[2] In 1923 he was appointed as the secretary of the Rhode Island Democratic Committee.[1]

He died on August 18, 1942 in Barrington, Rhode Island.[1] He was buried in Arlington National Cemetery.


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