Henry VII Experience at Micklegate Bar

Henry VII Experience at Micklegate Bar
Micklegate Bar.jpg
Micklegate Bar, York
Former nameMicklegate Bar Museum
LocationMicklegate Bar, York, England
Coordinates53°57′21″N 1°05′27″W / 53.9559°N 1.09079°W / 53.9559; -1.09079Coordinates: 53°57′21″N 1°05′27″W / 53.9559°N 1.09079°W / 53.9559; -1.09079
TypeHistory museum
OwnerJorvik Group (YAT)
Public transit accessYork Station National Rail 0.2 miles (0.32 km)
Nearest car parkNunnery Lane Car Park
WebsiteHenry VII Experience
location within York

The Henry VII Experience at Micklegate Bar (formerly known as the Micklegate Bar Museum), is located in the southern gatehouse of the historical city walls of York, England.

The museum explores the early life of Henry VII as a Lancastrian in exile, his reign as king after the Wars of the Roses and the impact of the establishment of the Tudor royal dynasty on the city of York. It does this through a combination of interactive exhibits, multimedia presentations, displays of items such as suits of armour and 'grisly facts' from Terry Deary (writer of Horrible Histories).[1][2]

Previously, the Micklegate Bar Museum had covered a wider historical range, telling the story of York from Roman times through to the 20th century. Exhibits included replicas of the heads of historical figures, such as Richard of York and Sir Henry Percy whose heads had been displayed on Micklegate Bar.[3][4][5]

The Henry VII Experience is operated by the Jorvik Group (part of York Archaeological Trust) whose other museums include the Richard III Experience at Monk Bar, which tells the story of the Yorkist monarch. When the Jorvik Group took over this site in February 2014 the names of both museums were changed and the contents replaced and updated, to create two complementary museums. Both reopened in April 2014 using the tagline "Two Kings, Two Bars, One City".[6]

In October 2014 and February 2018 the Henry VII Experience was awarded the 'Hidden Gem' accolade by Visit England.[7][8] In 2015 it was a finalist (with the Richard III Experience) in the Visit York Tourism Awards in the Visitor Attraction of the Year (Under 50,000 Visitors) category.[9]


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