House of Assembly of Dominica

House of Assembly of Dominica
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Joseph Isaac[1]
since 10 February 2020
Seats31 members
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Political groups
Governing party
  • Dominica Labour Party (18)
  • Government Senators (5)

Opposition party

Other members

Last election
2019 Dominican general election
Meeting place

Coordinates: 15°17′42″N 61°23′07″W / 15.295102783543527°N 61.38519617226717°W / 15.295102783543527; -61.38519617226717

The House of Assembly is the legislature of Dominica. It is established by Chapter III of the Constitution of Dominica, and together with the President of Dominica constitutes Dominica's Parliament. The House is unicameral, and consists of twenty-one Representatives, nine Senators, and the Attorney General as an ex officio member. The Speaker of the House becomes the thirty-second member if chosen from outside the membership of the House.

Representatives are directly elected in single member constituencies using the simple-majority (or first-past-the-post) system for a term of five years. The Representatives in turn decide whether the Senators are to be elected by their vote, or appointed. If appointed, five are chosen by the president with the advice of the prime minister and four with the advice of the opposition leader. The current Senators are appointed.

The Cabinet of Dominica is appointed from members of the House of Assembly. However, no more than three Senators may be members of the Cabinet.


Since the election held on 6 December 2019, the Dominica Labour Party holds 18 of the 21 directly elected seats, and the opposition United Workers' Party holds three elected seats. The new House of Assembly included a record eight women. [2]

Constituency Representative Party Notes
Castle Bruce DrigoOctavia Alfred DLP
Colihaut ToulonLady Catherine Daniel DLP
Cottage AustrieReginald Victor Austrie DLP
Grand Bay Charles, JustinaEdward Registe DLP
La Plaine Kent EdwardsSaint-Jean DLP
Mahaut BlackmooreRayburn John Blackmoore DLP
Marigot LintonLennox Linton UWP
Morne Jaune/Riviere Cyrique StephensonGretta Bernadette Roberts DLP
Paix Bouche PaulRoselyn Paul DLP
Petite Savanne Darroux, KennethKenneth Melchoir Darroux DLP
Portsmouth DouglasIan Douglas DLP
Roseau Central Melissa Poponne Skerrit DLP
Roseau North LugayDaniel Lugay UWP
Roseau South Chekira Lockhart Hypolite DLP
Roseau Valley Irving Francis McIntyre DLP
Salisbury JohnHector John UWP
Salybia Cozier Frederick, Cassius DLP
St. Joseph Adis King, Kelver DLP
Soufrière Charles, DeniseDenise Charles DLP Succeeded Ian Pinard in 2016 by-election.[3]
Vieille Case SkerritRoosevelt Skerrit DLP Assumed position of Prime Minister 8 January 2004.
Wesley Fidel GrantFidel Grant DLP


Senator Party Notes
BaptisteIsaac Baptiste UWP Appointed by Leader of the Opposition.
BaronFrancine Baron DLP Appointed by Prime Minister.
BlanchardMiriam Blanchard DLP Appointed by Prime Minister.
FontaineThomson Fontaine UWP Appointed by Leader of the Opposition.
ThomasFelix Thomas UWP Appointed by Leader of the Opposition.
TongeRobert Tonge DLP Appointed by Prime Minister.
Williams Monelle Williams UWP Appointed by Leader of the Opposition.

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