Hrayr Karapetyan

Hrayr Karapetyan
Vice-President National Assembly
In office
Preceded byArevik Petrosyan
Succeeded bySamvel Nikoyan
President of the National Assembly(acting)
In office
September 26, 2008 – September 29, 2008
Preceded byTigran Torosyan
Succeeded byHovik Abrahamyan
Governor of Aragatsotn Province
In office
Personal details
Born (1964-08-11) August 11, 1964 (age 56)

Hrayr Karapetyan (Armenian: Հրայր Կառլենի Կարապետյան; born August 11, 1964 in Yerevan) is Consul General of the Republic of Armenia in Saint Petersburg, Russia Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia. He is also an author of a number of scientific manuals and works.

Hrayr Karapetyan - a Consul General of the Republic of Armenia in Saint Petersburg from November 15, 2013.

Date and place of birth 11 August 1964, Yerevan, Armenia

Education 1980 - Yerevan secondary school #135.

1981-1985 - studied and graduated from Yerevan Armenian State Pedagogical Institute after Kh. Abovian, later he continued his postgraduate studies.

Candidate of pedagogical sciences, an author of a number of scientific manuals and works.

Foreign service 1980-1981 - worker at Yerevan Lamp Factory. Reserve Officer.

1989 - joined the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF).

1998-2003 - Governor of the Region Aragatsotn of the RA.

2003-2012 – Member of the RA National Assembly from the ARF Party.

2008-2009 - Vice President of the RA National Assembly.

2009-2012 – Chairman of the Standing Committee on Defense, National Security and Internal Affairs of the RA National Assembly. Author of dozens of laws and legislative initiatives.

Head of “Armenia-Belarus” Inter parliamentary Committee and the Friendship Group “Armenia-Poland”

2003-2012 – Member of Committee of CIS and CSTO Inter parliamentary Assembly.

2009-2012 – Deputy Chairman of Defense and Security Council of CIS Inter parliamentary Assembly.

2006-2013 – Lecturer at the Yerevan State University.

From November 2013 appointed as a Consul General of the Republic of Armenia in Saint-Petersburg.


Awarded medals and orders by the Chairman of the RA National Assembly, RA Defense Minister, RA Prime Minister and the Chairman of the Federal Council of the Russian Federation.

Languages Russian, English.

Marital status Married, with three sons

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