Hybrid sport

A korfball match in the Netherlands between 'Trekvogels' and 'OZC'

A hybrid sport is one which combines two or more (often similar) sports in order to create a new sport, or to allow meaningful competition between players of those sports.

  • Bossaball - a hybrid sport combining elements of volleyball, association football, gymnastics, and Capoeira, played on a field with 3 bases, there is a trampoline at the third base along with a net.[1] Allowing players to bounce high to spike or touch the ball and touch it with any part of the body, especially arms and hands
  • Korfball – several claims that it was developed as a hybrid of netball and basketball to enable play between teams of mixed gender. Despite the origins of korfball, today it does facilitate exactly that purpose.

Vigoro - a hybrid of cricket and tennis


Waterpolo - A hybrid of swimming and handball

Inactive sports


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