ISO/IEC 10021

ISO/IEC 10021, Information technologyMessage Handling Systems (MHS) is the ISO standard which defines the overall system and service of an MHS and serves as a general overview of MHS.

Other aspects of Message Handling Systems and Services are defined in other parts of ISO/IEC 10021. The structure of ISO/IEC 10021 (all parts) defining the Message Handling System and Services is given in Table 1.

The technical aspects of MHS are defined in other parts of ISO/IEC 10021. The overall system architecture of MHS is defined in ISO/IEC 10021-2:1996.


  • ISO/IEC 10021-1:2003 Part 1: System and service overview
  • ISO/IEC 10021-2:2003 Overall architecture
  • ISO/IEC 10021-4:2003 Message transfer system – Abstract service definition and procedures
  • ISO/IEC 10021-5:1999 Message store: Abstract service definition
  • ISO/IEC 10021-6:2003 Protocol specifications
  • ISO/IEC 10021-7:2003 Interpersonal messaging system
  • ISO/IEC 10021-8:1999 Part 8: Electronic Data Interchange Messaging Service
  • ISO/IEC 10021-9:1999 Electronic Data Interchange Messaging System
  • ISO/IEC 10021-10:1999 MHS routing
  • ISO/IEC TR 10021-11:1999 MHS Routing – Guide for messaging systems managers

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