ISO/IEC 7811

ISO/IEC 7811 Identification cards — Recording technique is a set of nine (7811-1 to 7811-9) standards describing the recording technique on identification cards.

It comprises:

  • "Part 1": Embossing
  • "Part 2": Magnetic stripe — Low coercivity
  • "Part 3": Location of embossed characters on ID-1 cards
    Part 3 is already withdrawn and revised by Part 1.
  • "Part 4": Location of read-only magnetic tracks — Tracks 1 and 2
    Part 4 is already withdrawn and revised by Part 2.
  • "Part 5": Location of read-write magnetic track — Track 3
    Part 5 is already withdrawn and revised by Part 2.
  • "Part 6": Magnetic stripe — High coercivity
  • "Part 7": Magnetic stripe — High coercivity, high density
    Allows capacity 10 times that of a card conforming to Part 6.
  • "Part 8": Magnetic stripe -- Coercivity of 51,7 kA/m (650 Oe)
    (including any protective overlay)
  • "Part 9": Tactile identifier mark
    Specifies the physical characteristics of a tactile identifier mark used by visually impaired card holders to distinguish their cards.

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