Igor Klipii

Igor Klipii
Member of the Moldovan Parliament
In office
Personal details
BornFundurii Vechi
Political partyDemocratic Party of Moldova
Other political
Electoral Bloc Democratic Moldova
Spouse(s)Victoria Klipii

Igor Klipii (born January 13, 1968 in Fundurii Vechi) is a Moldovan politician and diplomat.


He studied law and history at the "Ion Creangă" State University in Chişinău and international relations at the National School of Administration and Political Science of Bucharest (Romania) and the European Institute of High International Studies in Nice (France). In 2005 – 2009 he served as member of the Parliament of Moldova. Between 2008 and 2010 he was Deputy Chairman of Democratic Party of Moldova.

In June 2010 Igor Klipii was designated Ambassador of Moldova in Lithuania.

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