Independent Senate Group

Independent Senate Group

Onafhankelijke Senaatsfractie
LeaderGerben Gerbrandy
ChairmanEmma Kraak
Leader in the SenateGerben Gerbrandy
Founded1995 (1995)
ThinktankStichting Ir. Marten Bierman
Political positionCentre[citation needed]
ColoursWhite and red
1 / 75

The Independent Senate Group (Dutch: Onafhankelijke Senaatsfractie, OSF) is a political party in the Dutch Senate with one senator, representing several provincial parties. The OSF differs from other Dutch political parties in that it does not have individual membership, but only grants membership to provincial parties, or municipal local parties that are members of a provincial party[1]. The OSF only contests the elections for the Eerste Kamer and represents regionalist interests.


In 1995, several provincial parties and The Greens proposed their own independent list for the Senate elections, called the Platform of Independent Groups/Greens (Platform van Onafhankelijke Groepen/De Groenen). Marten Bierman (a member of the Greens) was elected through preferential vote and in 1999, Bierman was re-elected.

In 2003, Henk ten Hoeve became senator for the OSF. He was a member of the Friesland provincial legislature representing the Frisian National Party. He remained senator until 2011, after which his role was taken over by Kees de Lange. De Lange was elected on the OSF list, but was a member of the 50PLUS party, with which the OSF had a vote sharing agreement. In 2015 De Lange broke with the OSF due to a disagreement concerning the possible cooperation between the OSF and the People's Party of Limburg of Jos van Rey, a former alderman and representative often associated with corruption[2].

In 2015, Henk ten Hoeve became senator of the OSF for a second time. Since 2019 Gerben Gerbrandy, former mayor of Achtkarspelen, has been the senator representing the OSF.


The OSF consists of the following provincial parties:[3]

Party Province Seats in the States-provincial Notes
Frisian National Party  Friesland 4
Provincial Interest Fryslân  Friesland 0
Party for the Eldery NH  North Holland 0
Groninger Interest  Groningen 3
Local Brabant  North Brabant 1
Strong Local  Drenthe 1
Party for Zeeland  Zeeland 2
Local Limburg  Limburg 2
Local Parties Gelderland  Gelderland 0 Observer member
Local Parties South Holland  South Holland 0 Observer member
U26 Municipalities  Utrecht 0 Observer member

Election results

Election Votes Vote weight % Seats won
1 / 75
1 / 75
2003 2,874 1.78
1 / 75
2007 2,857 1.75
1 / 75
2011 10 2,113 1.77
1 / 75
2015 14 2,652 2.46
1 / 75
2019 13 2,265 1.31
1 / 75


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