Innotek (Belgium)

Innotek is a technology centre located in Geel, in the Campine region of Belgium. It is a public private partnership between the Antwerp province and several organisations located in the Campine region of the province.


The centre was founded in 1987 as a joint initiative of the Regional Development Authority for the Kempen region (IOK) and the local Chambre of Commerce. In 1988, Innotek became a European Business and Innovation Centres (BIC) and is now part of the European Business and Innovation Centre Network (EBN). In 1996 the Technologyhouse of the Kempen, a business incubator building was opened in Geel. Since 2009, Innotek also manages the Milieutechnologiehuis (E: Environmental Technology House) in Mol. Outside the incubator, several companies are located on the Innotek area, such as Genzyme Flanders, CIPAL (inter-municipal ICT service centre for the Belgian provinces of Antwerp and Limburg) and Fibre Optic Sensing & Sensing Systems, a research centre.


  • Development of new business
  • The creation of spin-offs
  • Virtual and physical incubation
  • Projects on regional economical development

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