Ion Țurcanu

Ion Turcanu
Ion Ţurcanu
Member of the Moldovan Parliament
In office
Personal details
Born (1946-01-15) January 15, 1946 (age 73)
Găureni, Nisporeni [ro]
Political partyNew National Moldovan Party
Other political
Moldavian Democratic Movement
Alma materMoldova State University

Ion Ţurcanu (born January 15, 1946 in Găureni, Nisporeni) is an author, educator, historian, memoirist, professor, former member of the Parliament (1990–1994), politician and Romanian writer from Moldova. Ion Ţurcanu is one of the 277 MPs of the first parliament of the former RSS Republic (later the Republic of Moldova), who voted for the Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Moldova on 27 August 1991.


Ion Ţurcanu was born on January 15, 1946 in Upper Găurenii, former Lăpuşna county. He graduated from the State University of Moldova in 1969 and obtained his doctorate in history in 1975. He started work as a teacher in the village Bărboieni, Nisporeni. After getting his PhD, he became a senior lecturer, then lecturer at the Pedagogical Institute "Ion Creangă". In the years 1993-1997, he worked at the History Institute of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova. Since 2001, he returned to his professorial career in higher education, this time at the State University of Moldova. He participated in the creation, in 1988, of the Democratic Movement in Support of the Perestroika, (the future Moldovan Popular Front). In the years 1987-1990 he published a series of articles in Chisinau press to inform the population on the thorny subjects of the history of Bessarabia, and of the all Romanians. In the same context he initiated a critique of the historiographical Soviet propaganda that falsified the historical themes mentioned above. In the years 1990-1994 he was a Member and Secretary of the Parliament. In 1998, he established the New Moldavian National Party, which participated in the local elections in 1999 and parliamentary ones in 2001, but without obtaining significant results. He was the editor of the publishing house - "Moldovan Book" (1989-1990), and director of the publishing house "Universitas" (1993-1996). In the 1990-1993 he published, as editor, the historical journals "Patrimoniu" "Magazine of History of Moldova." He published a number of studies and books on various historical subjects: the political events in Bessarabia in 1917-1918, Bessarabian agrarian relations during the interwar period, the Bessarabian famine of 1946-1947, the resistance movement against Soviet occupation of Bessarabia during 1944-1953, political and ethnic relations east of the Carpathians in the period preceding the founding of the Romanian state of Moldova, the Greco-Roman antiquity on the Lower Dniester and the neighboring territories, the philosophy of history from the perspective of some Romanian thinkers, historical bibliography of Bessarabia and Transnistria, social and political realities in modern Moldova etc. He wrote several syntheses of Romanian history. He had some literary preoccupations, which occurred occasionally and with great interruptions.


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