Ion Cebanu

Ion Cebanu
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Ion Cebanu
Youth and Sport Minister
Assumed office
25 September 2009
PresidentMihai Ghimpu (Acting)
Prime MinisterVlad Filat
Iurie Leancă
Preceded byIon Lupu
Succeeded byȘtefan Chitoroagă[1]
Personal details
Born (1984-01-01) 1 January 1984 (age 35)
Political partyLiberal Party (Moldova) (2009–present)
Alliance for European Integration (2009–present)

Ion Cebanu (born January 1, 1984, Chişinău) is a Moldovan politician. He was Minister of Youth and Sports between September 25, 2009[2] and February 26, 2013, in the First Vlad Filat Cabinet and in the Second Filat Cabinet as well, President of the Liberal Party Territorial Organization, Centru branch of Chisinau, member of the Central Permanent Bureau of the Liberal Party, president of the Public Association "Optimus".[3]

Between February 27 and May 16, 2013 he was General Manager of the Agency for Forestry "Moldsilva".[4][5]

From September 4, 2013, Ion Cebanu is Chief of the Chișinău Mine.[6][7]


He is a member of the Liberal Party (Moldova).[8]



  • Training practice - Chisinau Prosecutor's Office, Buiucani District Court in Chișinău;
  • July 1, 2007 - July 7, 2007 - France, Strasbourg, Council of Europe, Program of the European Studies Institute "Democracy Development in South East Europe".

Professional activity

  • November 14, 2007 - November 14, 2008: Lawyer at the Municipal Enterprise Regia Autosalubritate;
  • February 1, 2008 - May 1, 2008: Lawyer at the Municipal Enterprise Department of Capital Constructions;
  • Since July 1, 2008 - until now: Chairman of the Board of Directors SA "Edilitate";
  • Since May 23, 2008 - until now: Counselor in Chișinău Municipal Council;
  • Since April 5, 2009 - until now: Chairman of the Liberal Party faction in Chișinău Municipal Council.

Political activity

Ion Cebanu begins his political activity within the Youth Organization of the Liberal Party. On November 26, 2007, at the Second Youth Conference of the PL Youth Organization is elected vice-president. During the general local elections on 3 June 2007, he is a candidate for the Liberal Party and is elected councilor in the Chisinau Municipal Council. He becomes one of the youngest councilors in the city of Chisinau.

At the parliamentary elections of April 5, 2009, Ion Cebanu is placed on the 34th place in the list of candidates for the position of deputy in the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova. In the early parliamentary elections, the young Ion Cebanu is promoted among the places of passage in the legislative, being proposed on the 16th place on the list of candidates. The Liberal Party accounted for 14.61% of the votes, which constituted 15 parliamentary mandates.

Minister of Youth and Sports

Ion Cebanu held the post of Minister of Youth and Sport from September 25, 2009, after the Filat Cabinet was invested by the legislature. Ion Cebanu became the youngest minister in the new government at the age of 25.[9] He was replaced on February 26, 2013 with Octavian Țîcu.

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