Ion Madan

Ion Madan
Member of the Moldovan Parliament
In office
Personal details
Political partyPopular Front of Moldova

Ion Madan is a Moldovan politician, who served as member of the Parliament of Moldova (1990 — 1994).

Ion Madan is one of the 278 signatories of the Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Moldova signed on August 27, 1991.[1]

At the time of electing as a deputy, he was working as chief energetician at the "Moldsviazistroi" Trust in Durlești, the suburb of Chișinău. He was elected from the Chişinău constituency.[2][3]

He is a member of the "National Council of the Union 1991",[4] member of the Council and deputy chairman of the "Parliament - 90" Public Association of the Republic of Moldova.[5]

Awards and honours

  • The "Meritul Civic" medal (1996)[6]
  • Order of the Republic Moldova (2012)[7]


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